Estimates 560,000 car ownes are owed compensation

Unsuspecting car owners are discovering greedy salesmen have added hidden fees to their PCP package, lining their pockets… And making £1,000s at their expense

But thankfully, YOU can claim this back! Discover if you’re one of the many people who are owed £1,000s back on your PCP package today

Verify If You're Owed Compensation For Mis Sold Car Finance

Are You Part of The 95% of PCP Car
Owners Who Have Been Mis Sold?

£10,000s In Compensation

Claim payouts can reach the £10,000s, with the average payout being worth £1,100 for simply checking.

£300 Million

According to the FCA 560,000 UK car owners have paid an EXCESS of £300 million on their finance.

95% Agreements
Mis Sold

The FCA estimates out of every 1,000 finance agreements, more than 95% have been mis sold.

Here's How to Tell If You've
Mis Sold a PCP Package

You Could Be Owed £10,000s in Compensation Without
Having to Give Your Car Back to The Dealership Early

Shockingly car owners are discovering they’re paying off their car salesman’s hidden commission every month.  

Not only that, but many people didn’t know there are 2 additional and often ‘cheaper’ finance options they could’ve been applicable for. And to make matters worse, they didn’t understand they don’t actually own their car!   

Why Use Elite Claims to
Receive Maximum Compensation?

Free 30 Second Audit

Use our free software to initially check if you could be owed compensation for your mis sold PCP package. ​

Easy Claim Process.

The process is simple and takes just a few minutes, with no complicated paperwork or forms to fill out - we do all the hard work for you!

No Win No Fee

If we discover you were wrongfully sold finance we will introduce you to a solicitor who will help you recover what you're rightfully owed & claim compensation on a no-win no-fee agreement.

Mis-sold Car Finance Claims: FAQ’s

PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase, it is a type of car financing that allows you to drive a brand new car without paying all the cash upfront. Instead, you pay monthly installments over an agreed period (usually 2-4 years), and at the end of the term, you may choose to pay the ‘balloon payment’ if you want to keep the car.

No, you can continue with your current agreement with your car. However, if we discover that you currently were mis sold, or in the past you were mis sold, then we’ll be able to help you claim back money that is rightfully yours.

Yes, if you’ve ever purchased a PCP agreement we’ll be able to check your paperwork to see if you were wrongfully mis sold.

We can do all the hard work for you. Once we’ve gathered the information, our team of pcp mis-sold car finance specialists will get to work straight away and contact those involved – banks, dealerships, insurers &more – to clear up your claim as quickly as possible!

Every pcp mis-sold car finance claim will be analysed by a pcp car finance specialist. If you think you have been mis-sold, please complete our pcp mis-sold car finance claim form and we can get to work straightaway!

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is a government-backed body that protects consumers from mis-sold pcp car finance. They need to be notified of any pcp mis-sold claims within 3 years of the date when you first realise you have a pcp complaint, so it’s important to act quickly!

The FSCS will pay back a maximum of £35,000 and buyers can claim a settlement up to that value. However, every pcp mis-sold car finance claim settlement is different depending on your individual circumstances.

If you think you may be entitled to compensation for mis-sold car finance, fill out this form and we will help you get back what is rightfully yours!

If you are able to locate any paperwork from when you made the purchase then this will certainly help accelerate our assessment process. If you do not have any documentation, don’t worry, we can request it from both the Dealership and/or the finance provider.

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